As an international businesswoman and founder of her own company, Winser London, Kim Winser knows a thing or two about making travel easy. Harper’s Bazaar asks Kim to share her top tips for stress-free packing.


Top Left: Audrey Silk Blouse in Rich Champagne & Lauren Wide Leg Trousers in Pearl, Top Right: Miracle Classic Jacket in Rhubarb Pink (Coming Soon) & Miracle Classic Trousers in Rhubarb Pink, Bottom Center: Knitted Merino Wool Dress in Red.


Kim advises "When packing for a trip, you should always start with footwear. Footwear is heavy in a suitcase and needs to be comfortable at the other end. You need to think about what would work for the style of the trip and go with multiple outfits, versatility of dressing and layering are both vital when travelling.

Keep shoes in dust bags to keep them separate, and pack them first at the bottom of your case so as not to crease your clothes.

During the day opt for a pair of flats that are comfortable enough to wear all day, looking happy and comfortable is a sign of clever packing too!”

Clockwise from top left: Cat Deeley wears the Lauren Suit and Silk Bow blouse, Angie Smith wears the Lauren Waistcoat and Pleated Trouser, Emily Jane Johnston and Hayley Kaseras wear the Lauren Oversized Jacket with jeans.


Pre-planning the outfits makes sure you have choices around a theme depending on weather and formality - chaotic and indecisive packing will cost you on the trip.

Kim suggests laying potential outfits out across a double bed. “Each double bed delivers 3-5 days of outfits, so it’s a great way to see each outfit in front of you. It also allows you to see which pieces can be worn together, and what items can work in the day and the evening.

For example, a good jacket can work for a serious meeting but equally dressed down with jeans for an evening with friends. Dresses are a good choice for during the day and easy to dress up in the evening, possibly with a shoe change and a little extra jewellery or make-up”.

Top Left: Silk Eye Mask, Top RIght: Miracle Leggings in Black, Bottom Left: Gillian Anderson Lips Bag, Bottom Right: Winser Cashmere Wrap in Rhubarb Pink.


Leave in good time – I love relaxing at the airport lounge, reflecting on and preparing for my trip ahead.

Take a good sized handbag on board (I love my Bottega Veneta one) and be sure to include your rescue kit essentials; a generous cashmere wrap, eye mask & socks, and some reading in case movies are a little disappointing.

Think of comfort when you are travelling, I roll up leggings and put them into my bag to change into on the flight, plane PJs often not great!
Keep hydrated, drink LOTS of water! I like to relax preferably with a glass of bubbles, but always have a bottle of water by my side.

Sensitive facial wipes for on the plane to allow you to remove, moisturise and reapply makeup when you land. I carry Sisley's Express Flower Gel which is excellent for hydrating the skin.

Colourful cashmere when travelling is a must for me. It is the lightest of fabrics, doesn’t crease, looks good and feels amazing.

Top Left: Miracle Coat in Emerald Green & Capri Trousers in Emerald Green, Top Right: Brio Silk Scarf in Green, Bottom Left: Winser Cashmere Wrap in Cream, Bottom Right: Miracle Coat in Black & Miracle Capri in Black.


They do say you notice someone the most in the first few minutes of seeing or meeting them. Thinking about your outerwear is important and can make you feel good whether wondering down a road, strolling into a hotel lobby or striding into meeting. Finally, then there's the accessory that takes you everywhere. Kim says, "I own two products from my collection more than anything else - the Audrey cashmere jumper and matching cashmere wrap, I only travel in these, I just invested in the rhubarb pink wrap and wear it over my red jumper and truly LOVE them!"