Birgitte H Sorensen

How exciting that Borgen is back on our TV screens, we loved you in the last series. Can you give us a little hint about what we can expect from Katrine Fonsmark this season?

Thank you! I'm so excited to be here for the final series - where I think Katrine continues her journey to become a more embracing, less ego-centric woman. To grow up, in a sense. Now having a little son and working for Birgitte Nyborg and New Democrats I think she's forced to put other people's needs before her own. And she gradually learns to compromise - however, it was important for us that she's still Katrine, so you will still occasionally see the hard-headed, ruthless idealist she is at heart!

What would be your perfect role and who would it be alongside?

Since I'm currently rehearsing for Coriolanus at The Donmar Warehouse I'm very into Shakespeare right now. Would love to have a go at Lady MacBeth at some point - and since I am a big fan of Ben Whishaw I would be thrilled to act alongside him.

What is it that really excites you and about being on set?

What I really enjoy about my job is the incredible amount of variety it offers. The opportunity not only to work with many different and amazing people but also with different characters and media. Really, no two days are alike. And for me researching for a new part always includes learning something I didn't know before. Whether it's about Ancient Rome or coalitions politics, my job seems to be a never-ending education - pretty privileged!

As an actress I am sure that you are always having to traveling, so when you are at home to what do you love to wear when you are kicking back?

Yes, I do travel quite a lot and though that is great, there's nothing I love more than coming home and changing into my sweatpants! Or even better, pyjamas. I actually try to bring some of that feeling of homeliness with me when I travel which is why I love Winser London clothes so much, they offer the comfort I love combined with a really clean, stylish look that I prefer when I'm away because it works for every occasion.

We know you have and love the Winser London Audrey Cashmere Jumper and Cashmere Blanket from our autumn collection, will you be wearing them this Christmas?

I'm in love with the Cashmere pieces I have from Winser London - and I will probably more or less live in them over Christmas!

Your top style tip?

My best styling tip is wear what you feel like wearing today. Some days it might be stilettos and a bold dress, other days flats and baggy pants - I always find I get through the day better if I'm dressed the way I feel.