Building a proper wardrobe of clothes is like decorating your home because it is something you are going to live in. It needs to be comfortable elegant and suit all your needs.

Not everyone’s capsule wardrobe will be the same but one constant is black. When designers refer to basics they don’t mean boring, I recommend a variety of really great black trousers. A black pencil skirt in a modern stretch fabric. A slim black jacket. Black coat. Mac. Little black dress. Black cashmere sweater. Black T tops.

There is a silent sophistication in black and it is a real building block and adds up to chic modern dressing. Each new year there are tweaks of shape and proportion, subtle changes in trouser shapes for instance, so we do need to replace and update our black pieces because they date and get shabby.

If the pieces are impeccably simple we can add the icing on the cake, what’s not to like about a fun splurge on this seasons item. I have loved my new patterned trousers and jeans and of course how well they work with all my black tops.

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