Blue Jean Babe

 “I wish I had invented blue jeans – the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant,” fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent once said. “They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity.”  This month (first delivery late December) Winser London launches their jean-cut pant, £125, in the same Italian Cotton blend fabric as our famous Winser Leggings, narrow cut and in white, black and midnight blue, the jean has five pockets and a front zip, the waistband sits on the waist, and the length? Just right. Get the right pair of jeans and we have an ally for life.

Our fashion memories are reflected as much in our search for the perfect jean as a search for the perfect LBD. Actually, I think we really rather dread groping through the plethora of denim dyes and cuts. Enough – let’s just have a comfy jean-cut pant with a sporty feel that is great for every day, for travelling, for the school run and all the rest.

This jean is unrepentantly skinny but is absolutely not a legging. They hug curves and lengthen the leg. I love the white; it’s an age since Liz Hurley launched the white jean as the young mum uniform and I am just so ready for it again. Lovely right now with creamy sweaters and it will take us skipping into spring.

This year we have fashion’s permission to wear jeans! Not that we need it, we are more individual than that, but looking at the snaps of the FROW (front row), the editors seem to have thrown their fashion toys out of the pram and just collectively given a blazer, a jean and a white shirt the seal of approval for 2016.

By Vanessa de Lisle -

Blue Jean Babe