Style Icon Cara Delevingne

This little minx at 22years old appeared on this year’s UK rich list of the “10 highest earners under thirty years old”, with a fortune of £7 million. Yikes!

Well she certainly works hard, and no wonder she is every bit the cat who got the cream. Model, socialite, actress and singer. Delevingne was born in 1992, her parents Charles and Pandora are as high society as you can be. Her siblings each and every one gorgeous too.

Delevingne is a thoroughly modern muse, an Instagram pro, letting her fans peep into her world of parties and fun. And she orchestrates with effort her looks to be “on brand” at all times, ready to express her personality sartorially speaking, whether dining with Prince William or with the fashion crowd.

From festival grounds to fashion frolics, Cara is the kind of girl you love to hate, she is so beautiful and personable. What sets this Venus above the other model girls of the recent years? I, for one, believe she has all that it takes to be the most beautiful girl of our time. She is the face of this very moment and no younger than other great beauties who defined a generation, Audrey Hepburn, Bardot, Grace Kelly.

This is the face and style that will not disappear in a moment, “oh do you remember so and so?” Her image is seared onto the magazine pages. It is not all about the jewellery, hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, though she can command the best. She has a real genius for making the clothes and shoot belong to her, it never just looks like another job or playing dress up.

Never off duty, She dresses in a very distinct tomboyish style that every 20 year old aspires to. But can turn on the glamour with confidence that many celebrities have yet to master. Her classy genes perhaps. Out of many great magazine spreads I have a couple of faves. American Vogue May 2013 where she is photographed by Peter Lindbergh with actor Tom Hiddleston, divine chic, restrained. And American Vogue July 2014 by Mario Testino, young and kookie.

If she manages to elude the demon “D”, drink and drugs, one hopes success will continue and life will be good for this girl with the face of a naughty angel.

Style Agenda by Vanessa de Lisle -