Caroline Issa Interview

Caroline Issa is primarily fashion director of independent fashion biannual title Tank and editor of online magazine Because, she is also as well known for her perennial street style. Swarmed by photographers during fashion week for her effortlessly elegant, thoughtful ensembles, always topped off by a signature shoe.

What made you take a u-turn from the corporate world into the world of fashion?

I had spent a couple of years working on very interesting projects and clients in a financial and business strategy setting - I moved to England to work on the Boots account doing corporate strategy and it was then that I met the founders of Tank magazine, who were looking for someone to help develop the business from the magazine into the publishing and creative agency business it is today. I was inspired by the founders and the product and thought "now or never" for jumping ship from big corporate work to small, entreprenueiral lifestyle in fashion and publishing.

Your profile has boomed in the last few years, how does it feel to be such an influential style maker?

The web and street-style blogs have really uncovered so many stylish "insiders" - I have loved following other editors' and fashion insiders' style and careers so I can understand the fascination, but at the same time, we all go about doing what we do because we love it!

Who inspires your style?

So many women inspire my style, as do so many designers and editorials and films, and photographers. Women like Jenna Lyons, Alessandra Facchinetti, Garance Dore, Ines de la Fressange, they all have innate style and sartorial spirit - but I also get inspired by a great magazine shoot, or a film like Scarface and Michelle Pfeiffer's wardrobe, or something from culture that might make me add a little detail to an outfit.

You have just launched the revolutionary Because Magazine in print, which is cleverly linked to the digital world. How have you reeled print back into the loop as part of the digital experience?

Having launched our Fashion Scan app over 1.5 years ago now, we truly believe that mobile will save print - and we've been putting to practice that deep belief through the use of visual recognition technology we developed to deliver wonderful, complimentary digital video or static content from the printed page. It means that print becomes even more engaging and long-lasting in value in order to read, watch and shop the entire magazine - all this from a paper magazine too! It's always exciting to be the first, but challenging as well as readers need to get used to the idea. But mark my words, all magazines should be doing this in the next 2-3 years!

What are your fashion week comfort essentials – we are guessing cashmere features there somewhere, like our Audrey cashmere?

Love me some cashmere! I love these oversize cashmere sweaters - comfortable, roomy and great with a fantastic trouser and pair of heels and fabulous earrings. I also always bring a pair of leggings because they work with everything. And lots of great moisturiser - a must for all the coffee and therefore dry skin!

Favourite publication, bar your own?

Fast Company, Vanity Fair and American Vogue. I subscribe to all three in paper format!!

You have just shot the lovely Stephanie Hall for the February Issue of Tank who also features in the Winser London SS14 campaign, what it is about her look you think is on trend this season?

Stephanie has so much character - we loved shooting her for our Spring issue on the beach and in Greece, she brought a womanly, force of nature aspect to what could have been quite delicate clothes!