Essentials are the glue that holds a wardrobe of designer clothes together. We wear these basics so much that there is always a relatively high turnover to keep them up to date and looking fresh.

Internet-savvy women like to update their closets at the touch of a button.

Yes, we need to try on that Dior gown and have a twirl in a 3-way mirror and it’s great to have a Pretty Women moment of supreme flattery in a beautiful store, but for a careful thoughtful bi-annual selection of our underpinnings; well, online is the perfect medium.

We know our size and our preferences of neckline and sleeve length. Also we don’t always want to pay the surprising prices we see in store. We often re-buy and replace what we have already, because box-fresh is the way to go for white tops for example. They do get mysteriously discoloured, well its not surprising considering how they go in and out of the washing machine. Black tops also need to be blacker than black, a well worn washed out black that is becoming grey needs replacing too.

What do we need for this summer? For underpinnings I recommend eschewing the ling the print even maybe the prints. Black and white is hot so definitely invest here and the wardrobe always needs a touch of cream, grey and I like a soft sand or champagne colour too.

For Fabrics, I love a cashmere t-shirt top even in the summer on cool days, it uplifts a cotton or denim jacket and a fresh white top down plays a jacket or tux that may be overly dressy. the play of what goes underneath that makes a stylish dresser. A plain new top whether it’s silk or cotton or light silk knitwear will become a timeless aesthetic.

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