Celia Imrie Interview

Celia, you have said that as a child you loved ballet and intended to join the Royal Ballet. How do you imagine your life would have turned out if you had followed that path and which aspects of your actual life would you have missed?

I think it is pretty certain that I would not have been able to continue working in the way that I can now. I would possibly have missed the freedom, variety of experiences in travel, parts I have played and people I have met. I still adore ballet. If I had been allowed to fulfil my dream of being a dancer, I think my life would have been more regimented by the necessary, but admirable, discipline.

I know you dislike being bored and are famous for your desire to “seize the day”. How has this affected your decisions in life?

…Although I now realise that being bored can force you to be creative. In seizing each day I often feel I am spinning plates in twelve places at once!

How do you like to keep fit and what helps you relax?

I love to ride my bike and swim. The most relaxing moments are looking out to sea, and dancing to music by myself.

You have talked of making a late entry into Hollywood. What would your dream Hollywood role be and who would you love to work with there?

Having just spent an enriching week at The Cannes Film Festival I would like to work with any number of the great artists I saw there - in an unexpected, surprising role – but, being superstitious, I don’t want to say any more just yet.

Do tell us about your guest role in the ITV series Vicious, which airs Monday nights at 9pm on ITV.

As a life-long admirer of Frances de la Tour it was a huge thrill for me to play her rather swishy and spoilt sister.

Which pieces caught your eye this season in the Spring/Summer Winser collection and how would you wear them?

I adore the Rose Jersey Dress, the beautiful line of the Black Jersey Jacket; the Cotton Poplin Wrap Dress and the Merino Wool Tunic. So elegant all of them. I would like to wear them every day as they are tres chic and look effortlessly comfortable.