Clean Break



A significant wardrobe means many different things, depending on our life style and shopping habits, but this January what does it mean for you?
Look at your clothes, feel the soft folds, are they crammed into their space?
Most of our clothes have a little story to tell, that dress that danced with the man we loved and lost.
The suit worn on a precious child’s wedding day.
Can’t we just always view the history of our lives through our clothes? The memories of a moment are as clear as a movie. That is why it is so hard to let go. Why we hoard. I do feel sad and have a sense of loss when I give something away forever. But yippee and you know I never miss a thing, I hold the memories in my heart and I don’t need to hang them in the wardrobe.
It is the circle of life, we part with stuff, and someone else benefits. And we do need to refresh and renew, not only our lives but are clothes too.
Old trends are good to part with, as is anything too small, too big, shabby or with unrepairable moth holes. Keepers are the classics, I have a collection of classic coats, some must be 20 years old, and I am not embarrassed that I keep them. I have a Yves Saint Laurent dinner suit that must be older.
What to re buy? Sweaters are a case in point, the slight shift in proportion makes them look refreshed. It’s the same with new shoes and a new way with our costume jewellery these changes keeps us up to date. Trousers and jeans too change subtly. Shirts don’t change a lot, but boy do they age badly, what with the cleaning or the laundry, it’s a rare blouse that still looks as good as new in my cupboard, and if it does it surely means I’m not wearing it so out it should go.
The best rule is one thing in, one thing out and if we have a lot of clothes one thing in, two things out is the way to go. Those of us who struggle and have a tiny hoarding habit, New Year is a good time to think new fashion, New Year, fresh start. Just because there is still a chill in the air doesn’t mean new ideas can’t lead us scampering towards Spring and the best of the new.

Clean Break Clothes Choices