“Why don’t you” was the title of Diana Vreelands column in Harpers Bazaar.  Her signature colour was red, but she never found the perfect shade, which was, according to her “the colour of a child’s cap in any Renaissance portrait.”
Wear a red top to travel in and cut a dash at check- in or on your flight.  Red is a good luck charm when travelling to China.  It’s China’s favourite colour.

Keep a red scarf or shawl on hand at all times, throw it on if you are tired after work and with a splash of red lipstick you will suddenly be super charged.

Wear red to impress.  Red has a real impact on the way we feel and this vibrant colour is associated with confidence and power.

Famous decorator Bill Baldwin says “We should have a piece of scarlet in every room. For years I had a red telephone!”

Forget tasteful white flowers and go to Covent Garden flower market and buy 100 red tulips.

Red bags and red shoes, but not together – fantastic

Have a red pocket agenda from Smythson’s and you’ll always find it at the bottom of your tote.

Red is always on trend, in fashion, on the catwalks and men love women in red, so whether you have a red cardigan, sweater, scarf or lipstick, wear red once a week.  It’s a tonic!

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