We all have very different Christmas present lists for family, friends and colleagues. I love to give and be given scarves and shawls. A fine collection of scarves and shawls can trace the fashion styling of different decades. In the 50s a chiffon scarf was perched over the beehive. Later, Sloane Rangers wore their Hermes scarves to proclaim their tribe. Hippies in flower power prints trailed their long scarves back from India and they were worn by both boys and girls. In the 1980s we wore huge wool patterned squares balanced over enormous shouldered jackets.  Now we have settled for collecting fine long scarves and shawls in blends of precious yarns; wool, cotton, silk, and cashmere. They bring colour and warmth to every outfit. Their soft versatility makes a desirable gift for anyone from 18 to 80 years old. Not bad for a guy too.

The Winser London selection for Christmas fits the bill for present giving, from the less expensive Gossamer Cotton Wrap, £50, I have three and highly recommend them, to the emperor of gifts, the large fringed Cashmere Stole, £250.   The Cashmere Silk Wrap, £99, is in Christmas brights too. Magenta’s my fave, Hollywood Red and Winser Blue all good fashion colours. The Katherine Cable Scarf in cashmere and cotton mix, £175, is super long and lofty and one of the colours is a delicious barely there pink. Possibly my absolute must have is the Luxurious Oversized Cashmere Wrap, £250. The stitch is a knit, rather than a weave, and this gives it a newness and lightness that I haven’t seen before. I can’t resist adding to this Christmas list the Long Freshwater Pearl and Crystal Necklace in a variety of colours from £65, just yummy. 

“So Dear Father Christmas, if you love me at all, please bring me a Winser London Oversized Wrap

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