Emily Johnston of Fashion Foie Gras

How was Fashion Foie Gras born, tell us your story?

It was truly born out of a hunger for all things fashion and no real place to express it properly. I saw the blogosphere as a place where people were having conversations about their passions and I thought this was a great place to let mine run free. So FFG came into existence. I wasn’t really sure where it would go or what would happen but I went for it full force to see what I could do with it.

What inspires you?

Absolutely everything. I’m one of these cheesy people who can’t be on my phone in a cab because I believe every moment driving through London is a moment to landscape or people watch. I am 100% inspired by the streets of London, it’s beauty and the people that parade up and down the sidewalks.

How did you build such a huge following for your blog?

Aw, the golden question. I don’t think there’s a secret recipe. I do know, however, that persistence is key. Once I started getting and keeping readers, I felt I owed them something, so I doubled my efforts. At the start I was posting 10 stories a day.

Did you ever envisage the blog becoming such a success?

Absolutely not. I had no idea what to expect and trust me when I say that every day I feel lucky for what I do for a living and never ever take it for granted.

Advice for budding digital gurus?

Get ready to give your whole life to your passion - anything less than everything will get you nowhere.

What is the best thing about the digital space meeting fashion?

Realtime results. WE can see trends unfolding around the world in realtime. I can logon and see what a girl in Korea is marking as the latest greatest trend, then compare that to what’s happening in Los Angeles or NYC. Then it’s my job to try and translate and digest those movements in fashion.

Trend follower or innate style?

Innate style definitely. Trends are fun but I believe they are there to supply inspiration, not to be copied directly.

Favourite piece from Winser London Spring Summer 2014 collection?

I couldn’t possibly choose. That’s the hardest question you’ve asked me yet! Every season I am surprised by how Winser London takes the most classic shapes and cuts and makes them look new again. If I could, I’d have the whole lot in my closet.

Seaside or Poolside?

Seaside definitely. I’m an ocean girl!