Emma's New Era

Emma Watson, born in 1990, has put her goody-two-shoes image as the sweet Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films behind her forever. Since her teenage fame she is now an established adult movie star. Watson has emerged as a fashionista. Her style has caught the eye of major editors and photographers in the fashion industry and subsequently she has chalked up some stunning editorials in Vogue. Watson says “I love fashion. I think it is so important because it is how you show yourself to the world” and "There’s nothing interesting about looking perfect – you lose the point. You want what you’re wearing to say something about you, about who you are.”

One imagines that education is rather sketchy on a film set and yet Watson attended Brown University, USA and graduated with an English degree. As UN Goodwill Ambassador she speaks out brilliantly and fluently on subjects regarding women’s rights and equality. Media-savvy from the word go, Watson has open accounts across all the social media platforms where we can follow her. For this article I checked out her latest following at twitter@emmawatson and she now has 20m! This has revealed that over the course of hundreds of red carpet appearances she has niftily avoided favouring one top designer over another and has worn dress from all the famous couture houses.

For her own kit in her private life (but how private can she be), she favours the young street style that reminds me of Kate Moss. Fashionably simple, her stealth chic includes the best quality leather jackets, trench macs, cashmere sweaters, jeans and leggings and is frequently spotted choosing to wear Winser London cashmere and Trenches. She incorporates stripes, pea coats and roll necks in the style of the young Aubrey Hepburn. This less-is-more approach has got her onto many best-dressed lists and she is considered one of our most stylish celebrities.

This month she appears in a new hard-hitting thriller called Colonia, including extremely adult themes which will finally put to bed her image of Hermione.

Emma's New Era




By Vanessa de Lisle - www.thefashioncupboard.com