When I am researching the seasons retail fashion in the Stores and Boutiques I am always surprised at how hard it is to buy a good blue in the same items that are on offer in black. then, lo and behold, along came winserlondon.com, so many of the pieces in the collection are available in a wonderful deep midnight navy and a sharp indigo that I felt inspired to do some wardrobe building of my own in blues.

The midnight satin blouse is a beautiful evening piece, which can be teamed perfectly with black pants narrow or wide in soft crepe, the indigo Capri pants will be lovely worn with T-shirts.

Plus the very special Parisienne jacket that is a subtle homage to Chanel is now one of my favourite pieces, the midnight perfectly matching a sleeveless satin Lanvin dress that needs a team mate but also working with a cotton print summer frock.

A rich midnight navy blue is a real colour, not a neutral, at its best it has a really beautiful saturated tone with a depth all of its own. I like it when you can really see it is blue even at night.

Was it less popular because there used to be some idea that it was sort of uniformy; a legacy of school years? Now I sometimes feel black is so corporate and navy has the chic edge. Likewise I often hear the opinion that you can’t wear black and navy together I think that is so wrong and could be something to do with older menswear traditions, where Savile row rules are much more rigorous than ours anyway this is a rule that must to tossed away immediately. Navy looks great with black.

What other colour crosses over so well from town to country life, from city to beach. No surprise that French women are so enamoured with this regal colour.

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