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When the sun came out for those few wonderful days, I spotted some strange choices of dress around London. Spaghetti strap tops and flip flops, huge puffa coats and boots! And all at the same bus stop!

We want to look good in the transition from Winter to Spring, neither naked nor too rugged up. So, it’s a good time to go through our clothes and, if need be, buy a few new pieces. I have made myself stop putting on my puffa every time I leave the house, its hard, as I have got so used to taking it off the hook, I need to be more imaginative.

The Winser Short Trench. Lovely Emma Watson has this nifty trench in the shorter length and this new version is now available to add to your wishlist. Rumour has it that a certain brand beginning with B thought it was theirs! This is one of the best looks for this time of year, the coat length is great but I also love this shorter jacket version. Since we are thinking Spring, let’s get away from black and buy the traditional beige colour for this coat. There are lots of souped up versions of the style but I like my trench double breasted with all the military detailing intact.

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The Milano Blazer. Very Wolf of Wall Street but I just do rate the double-breasted blazer style in a variety of cloths and knits. Loving the brass buttons too, though I recommend not always doing up the buttons, that can look a bit starchy. There is nothing like a breezy jacket, and leaving the coat at home, to put a spring in our step and have us scampering about full of joie de vivre. The Milano Blazer is still a favourite. Styling note, best to choose a handbag with gold coloured hardwear if you are wearing brass buttons on your jacket.

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The Maxi Milano Coat is a development of the Milano group of jackets. The styling and tailored knit fabric has been immensely popular. This ankle skimming version is great for tall girls. Previously this style was to order only but there has been such demand it is now available to all of us, hurray. Colours are Nude, Winser Blue, Hollywood Red, Black and further on in the season, Midnight.

Trousers. Many of us don’t feel in the mood for coloured pants during the Winter and our go-to colour is black. This season, coloured pants are still a big fashion story and now the weather is not so gloomy, red, blue, cream, tan are all good options. Styling note: try wearing your trousers a little shorter this season.

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