Go Poncho



Throw and go - that’s the way to enjoy the poncho or cape. These versatile cover-ups are right back at the centre of this winters’ coat scene. The most versatile and lightest are the easiest to wear.

So let’s choose cosy comfy knits and cashmere cardigans. I have seen a huge variety in the pages of the magazines, some I’m afraid look too “call the midwife” for me.

Others are too enormous and heavy to fit into modern life. A cape, poncho, or simple throw transforms the simplest knit and pant outfit into something altogether cooler. There is a lovely theatrical swagger to capes and ponchos, and all fairy stories seem to involve a handsome prince in a magical cape.




Of course the cloak is seen too in art from the earliest days. It was the only outdoor cover for men and women from all walks of life. We see portraits of aristocrats in velvet and brocade cloaks and poorer folk in homespun throws.

Now we have the modern version as a wardrobe staple to wear indoors and out, for day and evening.
On a practical note it is the only garment to wear over a fancy evening frock, as we don’t want to crush a beautiful dress with coat sleeves.




Style Agenda by Vanessa de Lisle - www.thefashioncupboard.com