We are used to seeing the ravishing Greta Garbo tricked out in the glamorous gowns
designed for her movies by Hollywood legend Adrian Gilbert (MGM costume designer) but in her private life a friend of Garbo says he never saw her in anything but trousers.

She loved the ease and comfort of menswear style in the same way that we do now.
Wide soft trousers, flat shoes, crisp shirts, sloppy sweaters and trench macs. She said “Male clothes are the only type I like wearing” Just what women love today.
There comes a time in our fashion lives that we borrow it from the boys.
The clean uncluttered classic lines are a real grown up minimalism and the way we wear it today is sexy rather than androgynous. Designers create the menswear aesthetic but with women’s figures in mind. Today designers use softer finer fabrics that drape and flow.

The Henry Higgins cardigan of the past has been updated into the Winser London
boyfriend cardigan. Mannish pants too, are redesigned today for a relaxed elegant style.
When we wear her look we can think of Garbo walking the streets of New York, in her trench coat, low brimmed hat and dark glasses, embodying the legendary sound bite “I want to be alone” See the private world of Miss G at the Belmacz.com Gallery 45 Davis Street till 19th March.

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