Hero Piece - The Jumpsuit




Jump To It!

The Jumpsuit - The one-step solution to what to wear when a dress just won’t do the trick.
Chic, smart but not uptight, a jumpsuit gives one the air of confident functionality. You don't need to be 25 either. If you’ve never tried one, now is the time! Winser London has designed two.

Those new to the Jumpsuit may want to start with the fluid and flattering Satin Backed Crepe design at £150. Its drawstring waist can be cinched or left loose and the relaxed cut of the comfortable crepe is great to wear and, as the ankle finishes narrow, you can wear with either a heel or flats.
It’s so easy and adaptable to wear you may need two.

The Utility Jumpsuit, £179, in cotton twill is also equally stylish. The look is practical and mannish with patch pockets on the shirt front, a fly and side pockets on the trousers.
But the waist is gently cinched with an elastic waist at the back, so it’s no surprise that this jumpsuit makes you feel sassy and super feminine at the same time!

I’m buying one of each.