Hero Piece - The Silk Scarf

I am embarrassed to admit how many scarves and shawls I own – I could stock a boutique. I don’t think I ever get dressed without the addition of one, summer and winter, so I naturally love Winser’s new Square Floral Scarf. Measuring 120cmx120cm, at £99, the 100% pure lightweight silk comes in a floral print with a choice of two colour combos, warm corals and fresh citrus. I believe there is a scarf style for everyone, after all the Queen has made the headscarf her own. These scarves are spot-on for the current passion for pattern, especially if you are a refusenik with regard to wearing all-over prints. And the scrumptious colours will add brightness as we go into the end of the year. Other ideas from the obvious: lay your head on a silk scarf if the hotel pillows don’t appeal; I believe Kate Moss chucks them over lamps for that louche boudoir effect; handy for turning into a nifty evening bag for summer…well, you get the idea. To be really inspired, just take a look at Yasmin Le Bon in her new Winser trench wearing one of the scarves.