Hero Piece - The Six Ponchos

Everyone needs a poncho.  Not to replace coats and jackets but as the perfect add-on.  It is a wonder how anyone lives without them.  Ideal over evening wear – we don’t want to crush those fancy sleeves – house to car to party.  Travel, of course: chilly planes and even chillier air-con at some of our destinations.  Don’t be parted from your wrap in a city restaurant or theatre or you'll freeze to death.  At home is pretty cosy these days but the poncho or wrap is ideal for occasional shivery moments on the sofa.   Remember, they do make the perfect Christmas present for family and friends, and corporate gifts now that we are so over candles.

  1. 1. Cashmere Blend Poncho £99
  2. 2. Merino Wool Reversible Poncho £89
  3. 3. Cashmere Blend Colour Block Poncho £99
  4. 4. Merino Wool Reversible Cape £125
  5. 5. Cashmere Poncho Cape £250
  6. 6. Cashmere Blend Button Cape £150 

By Vanessa de Lisle - www.thefashioncupboard.com