In The Trenches

Were you to cruise the internet looking at trench coats you would see them on just about everyone from the lovely Audrey Hepburn and Lauren Bacall in film noir of the 1940s, to The Duchess of Cambridge and young screen stars of today, like the adorable Emma Watson.

The uniform enhances celebrities arriving at glamorous restaurants, for a tryst perhaps. They will always have that romantic aura of Graham Greene, spies or love affairs and travel – trains and boats and planes.

What a great style and currently they are very much in fashion again – plus ça change. The trench says ‘I’m stylish as well as efficient – don’t mess with me’. It really is just the perfect light coat for our crazy climate of sun shiny showers. The buttons and cut are pulled together. There are good pockets and they are what we call shower proof these days. The trench coat works in a variety of light fabrics - cotton, nylon, gabardine. It hardly dates, although I think they do need updating and replacing. I currently own three and could easily find a place for another.

The trench coats’ military origins convey an air of authority. Then there is the British Fashion Heritage angle which is why it is such a favourite with Kim W. and not just from her tenure at Aquascutum and Pringle of Scotland.

So let’s channel our own Greta Garbo moment as a mysterious femme fatale.
There should always be room for a few trench coats in every woman’s wardrobe, just like there should always be room for a Graham Green on the shelf

.In The Trenches