Kim - Ciara, as Chairman of Public Eye, you live in a world of film, fashion and
A-lister British actors and actresses as clients. What impressed you with the women actors’ style this year at the Oscars, Bafta and Academy Awards?

Ciara – Well, there are too many to mention but at least the red carpet has been a triumph for most actresses this year. Jessica Chastain has been the best dressed so far. She has chosen some beautiful gowns that have been well judged colour-wise and elegant for her figure. Her hair colour means the choice of hue is even more important and she has it nailed. Jennifer Lawrence runs a close second.

Kim – What was your favourite moment from the Awards season?

Ciara – I have to say that as a member of the British Academy, watching ALL of the films is my favourite thing about Awards season. I’ve worked in the film industry for nearly 25 years and I never get bored of watching anything. I used to be a film editor in my early 20’s and so I’m obsessed but the editing process. I also love the Oscars too.  This year it was good to see so much colour in the choices of gown at the Academy Awards. In past years, monochromes have been more prominent so it was rather refreshing to see such kaleidoscopic hues on the red carpet.

Kim – As Tatler’s Explorer, you must be an expert on how to pack an elegant, versatile collection of clothes for any occasion.  What do you pack in your suitcase when heading out to the Awards?

Ciara – I pack high strappy but comfortable shoes. It’s the most important thing. Sometimes I slip in a gel pad under the balls of my feet as sometimes you can be standing on the red carpet with clients for over 90 minutes and often it’s hot, when the awards ceremonies are in LA. I always take a cashmere wrap too as in cities like London and NYC, the temperatures plummet and you can’t wear big heavy coats on the carpet.

Kim – You went to Africa recently for Comic Relief, which I know was a challenging trip for you emotionally, what will you remember most?

Ciara – I love Africa and travel their a few times a year for Comic Relief. It is challenging as the situation there is desperate, there is so much sadness which is devastating. It doesn’t leave you. I hugely admire the wonderful Richard Curtis and Emma Freud who have worked tirelessly for years in raising over 600 million pounds to try and help solve poverty and disease. As soon as I step off of the plane, the heat, smells and dust hit me and I feel exhilarated. Nowhere else does it for me like that continent. It is the most vibrant place in the world.

Kim – You’ve seen some of the Winser London collection on some of your actors, do you have a favourite in mind for your wardrobe or maybe even your suitcase?

Ciara – I am about to jump on a plane and I’m wearing my favourite piece from the
collection, it’s the cream Audrey Cashmere Sweater. It’s immensely comfortable to travel in and I keep the matching wrap in my carry-on luggage to put around my neck when I sleep. It’s beautiful cashmere and I’m going to buy both pieces in black next as I’ve had so many compliments on them.

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