Miracle Shift Dress

Today designers are very attuned to women’s fashion requirements and indeed sensitive to our comfort. The Winser London collection we call Miracle continues to grow and customers are adding to their own fashion collection season by season. There are new colours too with Dove grey, Hollywood red, black and some items are also available in midnight blue.
NEW dove grey colour way in the Miracle Dress and the Miracle Shift Dress. To add to your wishlist simply email customerservices@winserlondon.com

Miracle dress and shift dress

This month there are three signature Miracle Dresses to choose from, with the new colours added to the collection. The dresses are all knee length and are available in a large range of sizes.
The Miracle Dress has a ¾ sleeve, a simple neckline and is fitted and curvaceous, the Miracle Shift Dress is sleeveless, simple and elegant, and the Lauren Miracle Dress also has ¾ sleeves, with a higher neckline.

There is of course the Miracle Skirt, a knee length pencil skirt that is so versatile that we find its being bought by customers across a range of ages and sizes. I think this is a very sexy skirt and works from boardroom to night club. There are three trouser styles in this amazing fabric - a simple trouser, a legging and my favourite, a Capri. That about covers all ones needs. All the pieces are extremely flattering and they have a delicious “hug” but not a squeeze, they subtly stretch over the curves and contract on ones slimmest bits, this is due to the smidgen of Elastine that is part of the yarn mix. What a miracle.