Jean Shrimpton

For me, Jean Shrimpton will always be the iconic face of the sixties. Doe eyed, so tall and willowy with her thick fringe and swinging hair. Nicknamed “The Shrimp” she was the first true supermodel and at that time known all over the world. She vanished from swinging London in her late twenties and has never shown any interest in being part of the fashion circus.So, in a way, we have only the thousands of images of this special girl in her twenties, as she stares at us off the page.

Silk trim jumper

Her look totally pins down that fashion era. Even now, I can’t see a shift dress without a picture of her coming into my head. She famously wore an extremely sexy one in Australia when she was presenting a prize during the Melbourne Cup race meeting. So, when I had a peep at the new Winser London Spring Collection, there she was in my mind's eye when I saw their Miracle Shift Dress. Off duty from modelling she wore quite simple clothes, initially in the early sixties quite classic in the way girls dressed in those days, more like their mothers. Then as the decade progresses we see her in polo neck, beatnik style sweaters, jeans and mini skirts. Or sometimes just in a simple cotton shirt or t shirt.  On the rare occasions she has talked to the press she professes to be nonplussed by the attention.

Silt Tunic

But I wonder if she is not being a bit mischievous. When I see the images of her on the internet and some of the famous magazine covers of her taken by David Bailey, with whom she had an affair, the world can see the lasting impact she has had on the style of an important era. We can, even if Miss Shrimpton can’t, but thank you anyway for your beauty and poise.