We were doing research on who we were going to choose to be the next Style Icon for the June issue of Style Agenda and we all agreed we loved the pictures of Katharine Hepburn because of her timeless style. She could almost walk out of her old photographs and straight into life right now looking as modern as can be.

She was the all American wasp, with her penchant for preppy fashion, redolent of the campus and Hampton house parties. Crisp short sleeved camp shirts, v neck sweaters, wide trousers cinched at her waist, with an old leather “boyfriend” belt. Her style was ‘one of the boys’ but at the same time extremely sexy and feminine. Sporty fashion that shows a woman at ease with her body. She could lounge on sofas, sprawl on the grass and still look like a Hollywood pin up. Not for her the obvious spray on clothes and pinnacle heels, unless it was dictated by a part in a movie.

The all American girl is famous throughout the world, look at those pictures of the Kennedy sisters, the clan playing sports on the beach in front of their home in Hyannis Port. All tanned legs, freckles, t shirts, cotton skirts and shorts.

Let’s love the healthy, energetic ‘go places’ style that’s no slave to fashion, but when each piece is well crafted and luxurious, it works so well.

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