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We are two years old this month! It has been another super year, with such positive feedback from our customers. Thank you all very much indeed.

I love it when I receive feedback about how we have given women real confidence in their dressing: whether for work, the weekend or to dress for a special event. This highlights how the Design Team’s work has made it possible for our collection to not only be made in exclusive luxury fabrics and yarns, but also to be amazingly well-priced. We are committed to giving confidence in stylish dressing through beautiful, luxurious, quality clothes in great styles and cuts. The mix of Yasmin Le Bon, who is stunning aged 50 and Emma Watson in her 20s, illustrates how we are all about chic style at any age. This is my driving desire with the business and the collection.

Here are some of my favourite highlights from our first two years:

The top business and fashion critics - whether from The Financial Times, The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Sunday Times or the glossies Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Grazia - have all reviewed us and written such superb articles, do click HERE to read some.

You may remember we first launched the brand at a well-known Country Club, Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire, and this was the start of our trunk show and pop-up shop adventures! I am holding a return lunch and fashion show at Stoke Park on my personal birthday, March 11th 2015. Perhaps we will see you there?

The main Winser London business remains our website, which we have built as a stylish and easy-to-shop website, supported by shops in Gerrards Cross, Marlow, Bath and St. Helena in California. We also have a selection of our collection in Peter Jones and a few other John Lewis stores and website. We are holding anniversary events at Marlow (18th March) and Gerrards Cross (19th March), click HERE to join the guest list. Perhaps we will see you at one of those?

But it’s good to note that we are keeping the opening of shops to a minimum. We are protecting our unique philosophy of minimising the costs in the middle to protect the price to you, so we can deliver beautifully made, luxury fabrics and designs like no other brand.

We are pleased to welcome women in America, France, Italy, Spain and a few other countries, even as far afield as South Korea and Australia - with the global launch of Winser London.

This year sees the launch of a new initiative: many stylish women have approached us and asked to be considered for an Ambassadorial role in selling the collection to their networks of friends and colleagues. We selected a handful of women and will have Ambassadors in Yorkshire, Scotland, Oxfordshire, West Sussex and London too. Do look out for an Ambassador near you!

As we grow we are building a strong, bigger team of partners in Winser London. We have many team members working remotely - as far afield as Scotland, Lincolnshire and even Milan and Germany. Our intern programme aims to train and inspire, but we too have been inspired by the energy of our interns and their contribution to the collections and to Winser London. We hope that after their education some will come back and join the Winser team full-time.

I have been simply overwhelmed by the praise of the collections from our customers and the press too. We are committed to listening and some new products are the result of customer ideas: the new Katherine Miracle Dress with its V-neck; the Maxi Silk Dress and Maxi Milano Coat were all imagined first by our customers and subsequently added to the collections by us.

One problem we are always asked for help on is packing for travel - it could be a business trip, a conference, a weekend away or even just a visit to family - so we have designed our new Spring brochure around travel. Our fabrics are designed to look as good at the end of the day as they do when you dress in the morning. Colours mix and match to ensure that with just a handful of products you can dress for days and look really chic and elegant each time. Click HERE to see our new Spring brochure - each image can be clicked to allow you to shop straight away!

With warm wishes to everyone on behalf of all the Winser London partners,

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Kim L Winser OBE, Founder & CEO Winser London Ltd