Lady in Red

Chris de Burgh’s song always brings to mind the picture of the Princess of Wales in a red lace dress (Winser Embroidered Lace Dress)(£295) from around that time, though de Burgh says the song was in fact written to his wife. In any case, in our minds eye we can conjure up any amount of iconic images of women in red. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, wearing the glamerous red satin gown to the opera, gasp, it was nearly made in black. Audrey Hepburn in a ball dress by Givenchy. Dozens of red carpet concoctions. Politician Hilary Clinton, for example, know instinctively the impact of red.

Such a tiny word but such an explosive one. Flame red lights up a room. We are all aware of the colour psychology of the impact red has on other people. We react positively to the colour, it uplifts our mood. It is a colour associated with energy, passion and power. Red certainly grabs our attention and a woman wearing red has an advantage over us in our black. Bill Blass the US designer said “When in doubt wear red.”

There are a multitude of different shades of red. Blue reds, browny reds, orangy reds. I do love the rich Hollywood Red of Winser London. So we can all find one that suits our skin tone. Though red lipstick is great, best not to be to matchy-matchy. Sleek hair and neutral lips might be better.

Even if we’re not up for red party dresses or business jackets, sweaters, tops, scarves and accessories give us that hit of colour that makes us stand out from the crowd and, more importantly, it is really mood enhancing.  Wear red and feel wonderful.

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