Louise, since leaving university you really have been raised in the world of fashion. From Fashion Editor of Magazines to TV host, did you always love the fashion industry?

Yes I think so! My Mum says when I was about three I started to lay out my outfits for the next day. And I’ve always been very obsessed with shoes…

Who inspires your fashion style?

A lot of icons from the 1970’s such as Lauren Hutton, Ali McGraw and Farrah Fawcett. That understated, low-key but still glam feel.

As you are always travelling, what are your ‘can’t live without’ pieces?

High-waisted jeans from PaperDenimCloth, a small cross-body bag from Coach, flats from Stylistpick and of course my new black Audrey cashmere Jumper from Winser. Travelling in cashmere is the coziest, ultimate luxury.

We often see you on the red carpet at glamorous events, how do you ever decide what to wear?

I love bright colours and print, so I’ll look for a gown that stands out. I look through the photos from the runway shows too for inspiration.

Do you feel happiest in your casual clothes or in your evening wear?

I love the chance to wear both, but casual has to win! Striking the balance between chic and relaxed is my favourite look. Flats and jeans can be very elegant if you wear them the right way.

As a shoe and accessories designer, are you a strong believer in timeless clothes with fun accessories?

Absolutely! Accessories are the way to switch up a trend each season without spending a fortune. A great shirt, pencil skirt or leather jacket can be updated easily with a beautiful pair of heels or a bright belt or clutch.

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