Long Length Silk Tunic Pyjama Pant

You have recently seen headlines like: shifting shapes, big ideas and new volume, in the fashion pages of numerous publications. After decades of spray on clothes on the young, and with the grown ups courageously or foolishly following suit, this may be something unfamiliar and a twist of proportion that we will find hard to handle. I think it’s a mistake to think that only the tightest clothes are youthful and sexy. The oversize, the cocoon, the exaggerated proportions the giantising across the board from designers really serves to shake us up and to get our eye in for a wind of change.

For us mere fashion mortals, who still have to run a corporation or a home, we can subtly re-adjust our fashion settings. The wide soft pant so easy and graceful works well with a neat top. A really lavish blouse or coat or shawl teamed with narrow pants shows a logical understanding of the new shape.

The decision to make, is to remember to work the contrasts throughout your wardrobe this season and into Autumn 2013. When buying now, keep this juxtaposition in mind. Be brave - buy some exaggeratedly wide trousers, buy your tops in a more generous size so much more sensual anyway. Choose a blown up size trench or enormous cashmere sweater 2 sizes bigger than normal and cuddle into it.
Try a white blouse in a much bigger scale, put it with skinny pants and then buy a neat one to tuck into the new boyfriend pant.,

So girls, get with the program of the new mini-maxi proportion.

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