Our Holiday Style Icons

GWYNETH PALTROW No slouch, Gwynnie, on the exercise front, she admits to working out for many hours per week and her website indicates she is the go-to icon for the latest miracle nutritious food. Her wardrobe must be the last word in work-out chic. She has been papped in many hoodies and various post-exercise gear and her long, lean body is something to marvel at.  

JUSTINE PICARDIE Editor of Harper’s Bazaar.  I imagine Justine Picardie has her city travel wardrobe licked. Paris, Milan and New York – and that’s just her travel for the basic fashion circus. Justine is a huge fan of the Winser London Lauren Silk Blouse with Bow, which she wore on the front row of many runway shows internationally.  I expect she knows a thing or two about how one shirt and just the right pants work as a basis for different events and temperatures - to which she adds new buys each season that keep her ahead of the fashion pack. I’d love to know her holiday packing plans this summer.

BRIGITTE BARDOT Her look is always on our wish list of how we would like to look when holidaying by the sea, at the beach or on a yacht. Tousled blonde hair, carrying her signature basket, wearing marine stripes and a gorgeous pout. Well, it’s a dream, but her fashion look can be achieved.

CINDY CRAWFORD One of the first supermodels and now a mother of an almost grown-up family, with a career in fashion and beauty. I recently saw her photographed “at home” in her beamed and wooded ranch house with her perfectly matched sandy chinos and soft coloured tops and cowboy boots. Many of the “supers” have gravitated to ranches and retreats like Santa Fe, Julia Roberts for example, ensuring they have some privacy. Once there, their go-to fashion revolves around the earth tones of their environment.

By Vanessa de Lisle - www.thefashioncupboard.com