Pack Like A Pro




To pack successfully what is needed is a plan. Plans need time and a pen and paper is best to kick off your perfect packing plot. Work out what you are likely to be doing each day you will be away, including travel days. We may need to travel light; it is all about kilos these days. Or if weight is not an issue and we have plenty of space, success is still having the right things to make dressing a pleasure. I recommend concentrating on the middle-ground for clothes choices.

Every thing should do double duty. It is better to be slightly underdressed for a party than to try and take something too special. So pack a dress that with judicious accessorising can do dinner, business or at a pinch a more casual daytime event. Likewise it is fine being a bit overdressed for a BBQ, smart trousers and a cashmere sweater, why not, when both can be worn on other occasions.

Think from the outside and work in. One coat or mac is usually enough, if you want to take a jacket too make sure it will really get worn and is clever enough to go over trousers, skirts and dresses. I like the new Winser London knit blazer - I can see it doing a lot of jobs, including travel. It is always worth tucking a dress in for every trip, even if it is a trek up the Amazon. The Miracle dresses hardly crease and you never know when a sexy dress and a pair of heels will come in handy. If you pop a crisp shirt or sweater over a dress it looks like a skirt and top combo. Neat.

Trousers, pack your newest and the most flattering only, these trousers will be working overtime. Evening trousers like the Tuxedos are just fine in the day with a great T shirt and smart as a pin for night. A great legging will do the job for around town or chilling on the plane and are easy to fit into a carry on.

A silk blouse in a dark colour also works well for dinner but it can also look quite casual with a white T top underneath and with white cotton chinos. Bon Voyage!

Pack Like A Pro

Our merino wool rib cardigan £85 and miracle pencil skirt £79 worn here with and without with the milano SB coat £250 and finally the miracle legging £85 chic with the merino wool rib polo neck £79, all in Midnight but available in many colours, so at least three outfits are so easily pulled together with just five products.

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