Even if you don’t always turn left on the plane and have the delight of travelling first class, when you arrive at the other end and you can see how intelligently you packed it’s the best feeling in the world.

I have stuffed a few suitcases in my time and my passport bears the stamps of many exotic places travelled to in my job as a stylist for magazines. But now with no limos, assistants and porters to help and the draconian luggage restriction it has made even the most cavalier travellers really focus on the art of selective packing.

We need a few smart strategies to make it easy. Each garment needs to be a favourite and to do multiple jobs. Never take anything that requires ironing or needs a lot of tweaking to look right. I always take a dress, even if the trip appears to have no occasion on the agenda that requires one. Believe me it always does. Also a bit of a tan makes a simple shift look magical, as Yasmin does in the Winser London soft shift dress above.

Slipping on a cool sheath of smooth fabric after a lazy or hectic day is a chic relief. An unexpected invitation or stay-over in a smart hotel or after a short walk in the Hindu Kush and we are grateful for the perfect dress with that little bit of lycra in the fabric mix that enables us to shake it out in perfect condition.

Whatever the dress of your choice, please never leave home without one. As the Queen of the dress, Diane von Furstenberg said, “I think if you’ve figured out how to pack you have figured out your life.” Quite so.

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