Here we are, 1st of July and summer has been a miss. Midsummer’s day on the 24th of June has been and gone. We have had to dress in a trans-seasonal way for work and play.

I have been checking out the continental girls on the Kings Road to spot their fashion chic. These London imports don’t leap into noisy florals, just because it July. Their uniform is a light-weight trench mac paired with a sleek pant, ballet flats and cotton layered pieces. They have swapped their Prada black bags for witty baskets and bright clutches, whimsical accessories and a cardigan, looks just right.

Carrying on with Winter clothes is unimaginative. I’ve seen girls in the city still wearing black tights. This is an absolute fashion disaster. Dare to bare a little bit. Whatever the weather we have to accept the grey skies and adapt. A no-no is to too much floaty fabric and too much bare flesh. Did you see the girls on Derby Day!?

Trousers - it’s a great time to enjoy all the various trouser shapes. Wide in soft fabrics, slim in crisp cotton. Neat narrow Capri pants with a small turn up. Add a variety of great tops. The striped Breton T or sweater is perfect for cooler days as it gives a beachy feeling. Skip the coat and wear cotton knits, they come into their own in this iffy weather. Think about wearing a fabulous satin blouse in the day time. Summer-up the look with chunky bead necklaces in turquoise or silly chandelier earrings for frivolity. Even on a grey day, the black maxi dress is a great basic. Shrug a boyfriend sweater or cardigan over the top for a chill morning start, and if the sun comes out still looks chic for a lunch date or a stroll.

The key is imagination. Go for strong lines and a layering plan, so whenever the clouds roll away we can do the “reveal” with a tanned shoulder or ankle at the ready.

Colour slice and dice your darker colours with desert shades, sand, rose pink, indigo blue. These tones work well in all weathers and do shout Summer.

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