Pop Goes Spring



The fashion merry go round is ever spinning. Faster, faster the ringmaster cries. Perspex handbags, fringed skirts, doolally shoes anyone? Spring 2015 is on the way and yes there will be some new statements. But there is a lot that we can sign up to now. Ideas and trends, as well as shapes and colours that have firmed up over the past months.

The Colour Blue in all the shades continues to be crucial, with bright blue and baby blue, now joins must have navy and Royal blue. Fresh as a flower, classic as a uniform, a sweet colour for right now and through to Summer. Ribbed silky knits and the Miracle Skirt are some options to choose, new in Cambridge blue.

Jeans Fashion Editors too have become a bit jaded with the race for novelty and are returning to their favourite jeans in the traditional faded blue.

The Crop, ankle skimming pants or even shorter are a must, cropped pants are newest wide but any pant that clears the ankle does it for me.

Hemlines said to be a harbinger or boom or bust, well who knows, as the catwalks all showed both midi and mini. So don’t let’s agonise about it but just embrace them all. The short knitted dress trimmed in blue is the 60s mini look to go for, as is the office bound knee length skirt with black trimmed cardigan.

Shoes flat to high again they are all there to choose from, which doesn’t mean any old will do. A new designer shoe puts us firmly on the fashion page.

Simple Shapes Buy a great dress in a new colour and add your own sparkles. The Miracle Dress, our customers favourite, is now in a stunning bright blue, Katherine Miracle Dress a new style to the collection arriving soon. Stunning in coral.

Mix it up that trend is all around us. Silk hooded cardigans with classic pants. Sweat pants worn with a silk blouse. A very modern way to dress.

Pop Goes Spring Choices