It used to be pretty simple.  Come nightfall, cocktails and a ‘little black dress’.  Now one might see satin shorts or studded jeans gracing the bar at Nobu.  What we love now is more louche evening dressing.

Nothing feels better on your body than a ravishing silk blouse, over slim pants, or maybe teamed with loose flowing pyjama style trousers, with a mannish coat or smoking jacket over the top.  Didn’t Victoria Beckham look comfortable and modern at the Viva Forever Premier in her chic outfit of trousers, shirt and mannish cut evening coat?

There is always a place for the romantic blouse. Yes, it comes and goes as a fashion trend but nothing works like satin silk crepe de chine to say romantic evening wear.  A silk shirt is softer than the little black dress, less dressy than the whole evening kit.
Lovely on its own.  Perfect for travelling with too, when a little stretch is added to the fabric mix (like ours), so let’s cut a little swash and buckle in a sexy silk pirate blouse.

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