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Sale shopping on-line. Isn’t it wonderful fun? Whether you are a buy now wear now, instant gratification girl or a long-term planner there are lots of bargains to be had at this time of year.

Whichever type of shopper you are, being well prepared and having strategy is a good idea.
For the wear now girl the sales are perfect for snapping some Summer favourites: Tee shirts, cotton sweaters, easy trousers and of course white. It always feels a bit luxurious and extravagant buying white dresses and jackets - so now is the time. For the long-term planner who is prepared to tuck away her new purchases till September: silk top, cashmere scarf, jersey and more formal dresses make real sense.

True value is a shifting perception but we have all now become discount junkies to a certain extent.
I challenge anyone to say they never sale shop. I have had a good look at the sales offer on the Winser London site and here are my picks:

The Wrap Waist Jersey dress in Ivory £99 is a really glam dress for a special Summer event.

The Silk Back Cardigan in Hollywood red and Magenta £49 is just the sort of great sale buy. Colour is important and uplifting and we don’t always invest in brights as we feel they don’t have the longevity of classic colours but trust me this cardy is yummy.

The Draped Jersey Skirt is a real must-have at £49 I have seen it worn by a fashionista from Conde Nast in navy and it would be a pity to miss this if it is a design not to be repeated.

I love the Boyfriend Tipped Cardigan in Midnight £49 - it creates a great silhouette with skinny trousers and is an easy wear for everyday. Happy bargain hunting.

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Style Agenda by Vanessa de Lisle - www.thefashioncupboard.com