Sale shopping masterclass

Sales are sexy and sometimes it’s nice to splurge, so here are some top tips on how to spend without making any fashion faux pas.

1. Sales and sauvignons don't mix. Shop with a coffee and a clear head whether online or out and about.

2. Don't reinvent, just refresh. Start with what you like in your wardrobe already and think about what to add to it.

3. Go solo. Go online or choose your shopping companions carefully as shopping styles that differ can only lead to distraction and disappointment.

4. Long term gain. Plan ahead as sales are great for grabbing a bargain such as a coat or knit that will work for future seasons, not just right now.

5. Make your working wardrobe work hard. Finding two pieces that go together to make an outfit is a good approach as it makes you think about what you are buying. You get a whole new look as well as two items that will refresh your existing wardrobe.

6. Love or lust not sure? Either way, sometimes you just have to have it.

7. Je ne regrette rien. Regret nothing but learn from your mistakes and don't let them fester at the back of your wardrobe. Give to charity or a friend for an instant moral boost!