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Chatting to friends, they sometimes say it’s too much like hard work shopping online; difficulty in navigating, too many things in the basket… Online shopping during the sales is a skill, like all good sale shopping. So much of our life is now carried out in front of the screen: banking, bill paying, grocery shopping. It saves time when one is focused, otherwise it can be a big time-eater. Personally, I love clothes shopping online, though I do make some mistakes and, worse, don't always return clothes when I should, but all in all it makes a lot of sense.

1. Don't cruise and surf. Know what you are looking for. It is unrealistic to open a website and hope something magical will pop up, it won’t.
2. Make the search box your friend: Black Capri pants. Knee length business dress. Cashmere jumper. Keep it simple.
3. Know your key words. “Jumper” on an English website, “sweater” in the US. Trench is universal whether it’s a mac or a coat. Macintosh will take you to the wrong place. Don't forget to specify “sleeved dress” or you will get hundreds or sleeveless ones and waste a shed load of time if that’s not what you want.
4. Obviously know your size in the brand you are researching and if it’s not in the sale, move swiftly on. I know my Winser size and I like a loose look so usually size up. Slimmer customers who want that curvy silhouette might size down. Don't cruise brands that don't fit you. Sorry Joseph, but your cut is too slim for me.
5. Please read The Product Description – all the information is there. If fabric mixes are important to you, check the cashmere content or the addition of Lycra to cotton. Get to know the names used: poplin, jersey, crepe etc. Then, even though you can’t touch, you will know what you are buying. I like the new yarn mixes, they are the single thing that has advanced fashion most in the last decade, so be informed.
6. Fill your basket, then edit; if you like, sleep on it. A new day can clarify the situation.
7. Delivery and returns: many sites offer free returns, so if you get it wrong it is not the end of the world. All the same, check the small print. It saves a lot of irritation and we all hate to feel stupid.
8. Pick up the phone. I have found incredibly well-informed and helpful staff, who really know the product and give excellent advice. Don't be shy to ask if something isn't clear.
Brave New World – it is a click away!