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This year much has been written online and in the press about high profile women deciding to allow their hair to go silver. New products, shampoos and glazes are out there to use and hairdressers don’t faint when we announce that there are going to be no more monthly visits for root work.

Women often find they need to update their fashion look if they make changes in their hair or make up shades. Coincidently, this season, fashion promotes the softest silver grey palette as one of the hot winter colours. And we were noticing the colour choices women are making who have chosen these softer silvery blonde hair tones.

There are various opinions on what works best with ash blonde hair and many people say to avoid grey clothes but I believe the opposite, there is nothing as lovely as silver grey, from silk blouses to cashmere jumpers, and even sweatshirts and gym kit. Navy, and all the shades of blue, are terrific and softer than black for everyday.




Of course black evening wear will always be a go-to but I’m thinking black for day can be a little hard - let’s leave it to the young ones! Pops of colour never go amiss, shocking pink, holly red, and purples are all colours to choose. White shirts and sweaters, and even jackets, look wonderful and glamerous with platinum blonde or silver shades of hair.

One thing that we all have to grasp is each fashion decade in our lives needs some work and planning, wardrobe wise. Whether its changing hair colour or skin tone. Or perhaps our shape has changed, or our social or work life.

Your best friend is your double mirror that’s the one where you can see yourself full length, front and back at the same time. Your 2nd best friend is time. Enjoy a fashion date. That’s a couple of hours trying on your own clothes and deciding what you like yourself in. Then take some time to try things on in the stores. Lots of things without buying, see how you look in different colours.

Start a shopping wish list. After all this is a new you and the clothes you choose today will still be your colours for tomorrow.

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