Sport Luxe

There is a fresh perspective currently expressed in the world of fashion. It is all about dressing down, but in a luxurious way. We are hearing about fabulous celebrities going about the daily grind in gym kit – except when dressing for the red carpet. Tekkie billionaires dress like penniless students and there is a club in London who refuse entrance to men in ties! Then there is the whole normcore story, keep up at the back. Well, normcore may have been a useful palate cleanser but the act of wearing non-fabulous gear is a little punishing.

So what do these new fashion conversations mean for us? Are we looking a little overdressed? How do we address our style in a chic, modern way?

Consider wearing really casual cotton trousers, even jogging pants, with trainers; a modern interpretation of sport luxe would be to team these with ultra sexy and luxurious tops, like a silk blouse or cashmere sweater, choose a glamorous pale colour, cream, ice blue, petal pink.

Sport LuxeSport Luxe

It works the other way around too. Try teaming an evening style pant or skirt, or a chic little dress, in quality silk and jersey, with a boyfriend cardigan. The Winser Short Trench or your own sporty fleece hoodie is a fun way to down dress your smart pieces.

The Gisele pant is a fine example of a casual pull-on style of pant that is in a luxurious satin-back crepe. The shape is hip and would look great with a tailored cotton blouse or loose cotton knit, the striped Breton cotton sweater would be ideal.

So, instead of thinking linen must go with linen and wool with wool, it is fresher to mix up the fabrics in one outfit. To sum up, the trend is to combine true sports wear looks with very smart pieces, in one outfit. 

Of course we are not going to the gym but out to lunch or to the office, so a really glam handbag and a bit of bling jewellery lifts the look to fashionista status. Rock on.