Style Icon Alexa Chung

Who is Alexa Chung? A very modern girl. Model, TV presenter, she has written a book called IT – that’s It Girl not information technology, though she certainly knows about the media and has swarms of fans; two million followers who can’t get enough of her selfies and musings. With so much designing, writing, hosting, consulting and modelling it is understandable that she feels it a touch unfair to be forever labelled as only a party girl.

So to date and at only 30 years old, she has had a very diverse career and currently Chung is involved in a Conde Nast fashion documentary series about the industry and a fashion collaboration with AG and her own fashion collection coming soon. So a definite A-lister who is always seemingly effortlessly chic.

I think she is Queen of modern style and I would be thrilled if more girls and celebs followed her lead. Take it that she is extremely pretty, slim and lithe. Her mid-length brown hair shiny and natural looking. Her make-up normal, not for her the crazy red carpet mistakes. Of course she wears leggings and jeans but is more likely to be papped in a myriad little dresses from mock forties-style prints to sixties sharp mini skirts and dresses. She walks through the airport in the ubiquitous short trench mac. She always nails the style, whatever it is, and makes it her own.

That’s the key to chic – she wears her clothes, they don’t wear her. Although I am a bit of a fashion nerd I don’t always know which designer she is wearing. And what’s to come?  She was quoted in the Observer: “I’m not as interested in staying out ‘til five and trying to get up for work. Plus, I take vitamins.” So I expect we will be seeing a lot more of the talented and supercharged Miss Chung.