Brigitte Bardot is one of the best-known sex symbol of the 1950s and ‘60s - a screen legend as famous for her love of the South of France as for her iconic film roles. Her “mussed-up” sixties look is both quintessentially French and completely universal. In June we saw that Kate Moss had joined forces with the hair care brand Kerastase in some new advertisements, and her portrayal showed how the BB style is relevant in every decade.

We love this sexy windblown beach babe look. In her prime, Brigitte was such a sex kitten - so luscious. Her looks and style are also one of a child-like simplicity. Her loose tumble of blond hair, silk scarves, little frocks and ballet flats were so different in the ‘50s from the other starlets who, however young, wore heels, furs and pearls. Bardot often went barefoot and apparently wore a mini skirt to the Elysée Palace!

Brigitte Bardot’s look has never dated, is still desirable and inspires celebrities like Kate Moss, advertising creatives, photographers and stylists alike.

She retired from acting at 39 and is now 79 and lives in her beloved South of France where she has for 40 years devoted herself to animal rights.

It is fun to remind ourselves of her influence on modern women’s clothes. The wide neckline is still called the Bardot neckline. Trained as a ballerina she asked Repetto to make her an everyday ballet slipper. She is credited with popularising the bikini. Kohl rimmed eyes are seen in the street today. Narrow ankle-skimming Capri pants and striped tops were her St. Tropez uniform. This year, has there ever been a more desirable summer style to adopt?