Style Icon Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde is head of the International Monetary Fund. But we are not going to be talking about her position there, but of her international chic instead.

Lagarde is one of the best dressed ladies on the world stage, with her slim figure, well cut white hair and engaging smile. She has posed for Vogue and has landed on Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed list. In television interviews her eyes sparkle with good humour and there is a clarity in her pronouncements, a woman of charming braininess.
She has a quintessential “Lagarde” business style - dignified and conservative. The foundation of her panache and flair is the impeccable suit, usually in neutral colours of black, navy or grey, so all very sophisticated and glamorous. Her look projects both sleekness and substance. To lift the outfits, like many French women, she always wears a long scarf in a bright colour or print.

Her jackets fit her beautifully from shoulder to cuff, while apparently, she often chooses her tailoring from classic British brands. But she also wears Chanel and has been criticised – mainly by the French socialists – of being too elegant and for wearing couture.

Lagarde also pays close attention to accessories, as these elevate a plain suit from stuffy to elegant and she is not afraid of kitten pumps, long fashionable boots or colourful clutch bags. She has also been seen with a gorgeous Birkin handbag in a warm neutral and she chooses just the right fun costume jewellery to jazz up her suits.

Though simple, her look is youthful and her tailoring, while feminine, has a swagger and in a line up of men in suits she looks both individual and appropriate at the same time.

Christine Lagarde has become a fashion icon for the successful woman, and for those striving to become successful, and it is easy to see why.

Style Agenda by Vanessa de Lisle -