Style Icon Jane Birkin OBE

Born in 1946, the actress and singer Jane Birkin is a modern day style icon. Her look during the 1960s would not be out of place today.

With her straight hair, long fringe, calm stare and gapped teeth, she is the woman whose style has influenced a generation. She even has the accolade of having a fashionable handbag named after and designed for her, the famed Hermes Birkin bag.

Jane Birkin embodied the cool nonchalance of hip London and Paris in the sixties. She appeared in the most influential movie of the era, Antonioni’s “Blow Up” which also starred David Hemmings. She married Serge Gainsbourg and together they recorded the sexiest song of the time “Je t’Aime,… Mois Non Plus”. A piece full of heavy breathing, it was subsequently banned in several countries and ultimately confirmed her status as a free spirit.

Cruising on Pinterest, it’s clear how timeless and casual her style is. In fact, she could step out onto a summer beach right now in her signature white t-shirt or crisp shirt – wonderfully unfussy and laissez-faire.

There are also images of her in demure little frocks, often with a basket on her arm, always wearing fashionable jeans, delicate gold jewellery and perhaps a fisherman’s sweater. She is still nailing hip style, though she now wears reading glasses and has daughters – total beauties themselves. She has the time-defying physique of an 18 year old, like that other catwalk grandma, Marianne Faithfull, Birkin is being feted by the young and über cool groovy boys like Suede, Saint Etienne, David Holmes and Beck. Go Grandma!