Style Icon Julie Christie

From the mid 60s to mid 70s Julie Christie was a major presence in popular movies. She played Hardy heroines and of course Lara in Dr Zhivago. These movies elevated Christie to stardom. Time magazine observed “What Julie Christie wears has more real impact on fashion than all of the clothes of the ten best-dressed women combined” how true that was.

In Zhivago she wore the most beautiful romantic wardrobe of fur coats, hats, white shirts and in one scene a huge oversized sweater. Even the ribbon bow tied hair style was copied by every girl in the street at the time. What she wore even influenced Designers like Yves Saint Laurent who was inspired to use silk braiding and boots.

Again from Time talking about her beatnik beauty in Billy Liar. “an actress brimful of careless charm ….” Christie emerged as an icon of the swinging 60s.

Style Icon Julie Christie

Christie was born in India in 1941 and from her first acting debut she grabbed the attention of movie audiences and critics. Notoriously guarded about her private life we know little about her own personal style, though from what I have read about her suggests that she worked closely with the film costume designers in creating her characters and indeed often wore her own clothes for example in Don’t Look Now. Julie Christie’s beautiful face combines, gravity, humour, innocence and still a deep knowing sensuality. Re-looking at some of her work I am amazed how mesmerized I become unable to take my eyes off her face. I also so envy the best hair in the movie business, that is a book in itself.

In the picture we have chosen she wears a simple tweed sheath dress and is a cool chic look which would fit into our lives today. I would be fascinated to know if she has any film or theatre work in the pipe line as my research has revealed very little. An actress with a prolific output of stunning work on screen and stage, a woman linked with and admired by the most fabulous men of the last 50 years and yet she still has managed to live completely privately, congratulations Ms Christie.