Style Icon The Duchess of Cambridge

Two years ago Vogue wrote about Katepedia and how billions of us pore over The Duchess of Cambridge’s style. How true this is - every dress, shoe and hat she has ever worn is out there on the internet to be analysed. Oh, and her hair too! I commend the Duchess’ style, her clothing choices are so completely right.

From her witty hats to her dozens of dresses, the wonderful eye catching colours, the chic tailoring. Not forgetting the dreamy evening dresses: floaty and jewelled. No longer a coltish girl, but a woman in her prime - in control of her career, a mother of two and wife to our future king. Part of her job is her clothes: they give her brilliant visibility. The only time I feel sorry for her is when I see those shots taken from further away and we see hundreds of photographers with their lenses trained on her, standing only yards from her. It would make my legs turn to jelly, and there she is with her radiant smile.

Even in pregnancy she looked chic to the last minute. We all loved that shocking pink coat. Just imagine if one of us had to be on show 365 days a year. Here is a woman who will, increasingly, play a central role on the world stage helping to shape how Britain is seen internationally. Of course her clothes count, even though her service to her country and her relationship with her husband and children should do that.

Clothes are the most effective and instant means of communication, and as one of the most photographed women in the world this part of her job must be run like a military operation. Designers visited, fittings, research. However many helpers the Duchess has, choosing what to wear for every event must be hard, especially on Royal Tours.