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I love the stylish Winser looks but always have difficulty finding clothes that fit. I am 6 feet tall and quite slim, about 145 lbs. I prefer trousers/ leggings and tops rather than dresses but am open to suggestion and would welcome your ideas for what might work for me!
Many thanks Lynn

Dear Lynn.

You have a very enviable figure – how lovely to be tall. You can be assured that all the Winser trousers are a good length. Kim Winser herself is tall so none of the sizes are skimpy or short. The models are also tall, so you’ll have a good idea from the photographs about the length.

This season we are loving the Wide Leg Flat Front Trouser. The fit is great and they come with a matching double-breasted jacket which is called the Lauren Tailored Blazer. It is photographed on Yasmin Le Bon who owns and wears this trouser suit herself. The Cotton Twill Boyfriend Trousers and the Winser Woven Leggings are extremely popular. I personally like the leggings worn in a bigger size than you would normally take as the stretch is quite firm and this will give you the extra length you need. The Miracle trousers are also a great fit. I recommend the long length silk Tunic Shirt to everyone I know who is tall, the proportion really works with leggings and trousers. Just a word about skirts: the Winser Miracle pencil skirts and my favourite, the Milano Wool Pencil Skirts are excellent and definitely long enough. The Cotton Poplin Circular Skirt really is a tall girl’s look. The skirt in chilli pepper with the Silk Cotton Polo Top in hibiscus would look great.

Vanessa x

By Vanessa de Lisle stylestudio@winserlondon.com