Summer Tweed

We all love to “Buy British”, when the style is perfect, and quite right too. Goodness knows it is hard enough to find fashion and fabrics that come from within our shores. Winser London has two new pieces created in British tweed and both the fabric and the dress and jacket have been created deep in the British heartland.

The company Winser London is working with is British owned and the tweed is still made on traditional looms.

Of course many designers make the journey to these British textile companies, to choose and to create tweed for their collections, and we often say Chanel in the same breath as fashion tweeds. Many years ago the House of Chanel selected these superlative nubby coloured tweeds from Britain. A far cry from the heathery checks and colours for Downton Abbey style shooting knickerbockers. It could be said that the Chanel relationship first burnished the reputation of these British mills. It also inspired them to create in new palettes of colours which are sweeter and more feminine.

Summer Tweed

The tweed dress and jacket can be worn separately or together – the little edge to edge jacket and the simple shift dress are a modern take on a classic look. A look that works so well when we want to be dead smart. A wedding or business event when the pairing of dress and jacket is perfect.

Both the dress and the jacket are available in ivory or navy. The finish on the jacket edge and the dress neckline is a pulled fringe, traditional as a trim using this fabric. These days with women demanding lighter fabrics, the “tweed” created today is a sophisticated mix of yarns that are easier to look after and more attractive to wear. Great Britain!