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Lets celebrate the cardigan in all its many forms. It is a true fashion staple, it has essentiality versatility, timelessness and a real modern allure.

Turning to some of today’s timeless styles and celebrities who wear them. Of course the godmother of cardigans, Coco Chanel reworked it so many times with its collarless neckline, patch pockets, gold buttons, it even morphed into the soft cardigan jacket and her styling is forever loved.

Cardigans are building blocks for Taylor Swift’s sweet retro and boyfriend style. The singer songwriter opts for the cardigan with denim and over sweet frocks.

Audrey Hepburn dressed with all the care-free spirit and energy of the sixties and she fastened her neat cardigans with a single button at the neck. Nicole Kidman, always poised and polished, wears hers with stealthy power and feminine charm.

Not quite a cardigan, more of an adorable bolero, the white angora cardigan the Duchess of Cambridge opted to wear on her wedding day with her second McQueen dress.

Unexpectedly Victoria Beckham is often seen wearing a cardigan over her figure-hugging dresses, which softens her sexiness for public appearances.

Our style icon this month, Michelle Obama selects the cardigan for political and family events. And she elevates this delightful little thing we call the cardigan into a power piece!

The cardigan may seem simple but it couldn’t be more stylish and sophisticated and indeed varied in style. Currently I wouldn’t be surprised to find I own more cardigans, from long line sporty cotton knits, neat cashmeres, intricately beaded and printed, than I do jackets.

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