Haven’t we all bought those must have madness’s? The really expensive frock for a party, that is so super trendy that next year we think, what? The IT bag that was more money than we every thought we would spend on an item and was so instantly recognisable we felt rather foolish.

Talk in the fashion firmament is all about “keepers” clothes that work hard for their keep ones that always make us feel great. So what are keepers? perhaps they are the iconic or instantly recognisable staples that look good on a woman’s body. Clothes that your can walk in, dance in, work in.

Aren’t we loving the iconic heroines of fashion like Grace Kelly, Holly Golightly and The Queen. I am noticing a real return to the idea of investment dressing. The idea that customers thrive on novelty is commonly held by some buyers. To me this has never felt a more unfashionable idea.

What attracts is a wonderfully elegant silhouette. Flattering us, eminently useful. Tip top fabric and make. What we don’t want is too tight, too printed, too tatty, too high street.

I recommend a little considered investment of time and money in choosing something to have and to hold. You might consider a great dress. Now this can be as demure, sexy or chic as you choose. Luxurious trousers, cashmere sweaters. Divine silk blouses, cool jackets and tops. We have our own personalities to imprint on our style we don’t need to wear the kitchen sink .

This disciplined approach is classic, but modern classic is what chic is made of. Chanel said “Scheherazade easy, little black dress is difficult” Sometimes we look at the catwalk collections and see a slew of crazies then just the perfect simple thing. Nothing overworked is the key to – whisper it – modern classics.

As we go into the new season and the one beyond it is not only the catwalk shows that are responsible for driving the trend for careful thoughtful fashion selection but also the collective unconscious.

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